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||   p o n d e r i n g s  ||

I seek to build and break worlds.

I craft physical and visual realities through movement, text, sound, and objects. I strive to support and deconstruct the body through these modalities as a way to understand dance within a myriad of contexts. Thus, improvisation, writing, and sketching are all part of my choreographic process.

I'm drawn to an incomplete humanness—the slightly skewed, faintly imperfect qualities that take shape day to day. And further, I’m inspired by moments that dissipate almost as soon as they form, such as potent memories or feelings fading into traces.

My work tends to take on a quasi-narrative form wherein there exists a set framework or system, but not all color is filled in. I dig into group dynamics and set out to acknowledge the emotional, spatial, and physical relationships between performers in a world together. 

Singular, habitual moments intrigue me—a detached traffic sign or an incomprehensible conversation from opposite ends of the street. I recreate the ordinary in performance, inserting aspects of magic realism to pull it further away from familiar contexts. I find myself gravitating towards the presentation of unrelated feelings and energies, and thus, innate contradictions find their way into my work—the space between isolation and connectivity, hanging and dragging, desire and necessity. I dig into distorted and tension-filled sounds to further highlight a dissonance that I find to be most compelling.


I want people questioning their relationships to bodies, spaces, environments, and materials. 

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