Performer.  Creator.  Collaborator.


Hannah Marcus is a Chicago-based dance artist and maker interested in supporting and deconstructing the materiality of the body. Her research finds form in collaborative performance and video work, often exploring the nexus between movement and technology, sound, language, visual design, and site-specificity.

Photo by Juliette Bacula



Featuring excerpts from Phulkari (2018) by Kiran Bhumber [improvisation], a state of flowering (2018) by Johnny Mathews III, Vox (2018) by Shannon Gillen, Delicatessen Caresses Department (2016) by Kasia Reilly, One Night Only and again tomorrow (2017) by Molly Paberzs & Sadie Lehmker [improvisation]



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Collapse of an Anchor (2021)  |  In Progress

Produced through Dovetail's 3for3 Creative Residency

Creators & Performers: Hannah Marcus and Sophie Allen

Costume Designer: Jeremy Miller

Music: "Retaliation" by Nazar; "Notjustmoreidlechatter" by Paul Lansky & Hannah MacKay

Performances: Expand Community Arts Works in Progress Showing; Summer Shorts presented by The Rooted Space & Lawson Dance Theatre

20 minutes. Microphone, Folding rack.


Parting Zone (2021)

Commissioned for Orchesis Dance Company's Spring Concert

Choreography: Hannah Marcus

Performers: Genna Bolino, Abby Donarski, Talia Marcus, Olyvea Yambrovich

Music: "come on in precious" by friendships; "Ave Maria" by Dulce de Lago

Oak Park and River Forest High School

Photo by Juliette Bacula

Rupt (2021)

Produced in collaboration with Aislinn Bailie for her bassoon masters thesis project

Direction, Choreography, Editing: Hannah Marcus

Videography: Rose Janusiak and Aislinn Bailie

Performers: Alana Packo and Hannah Marcus

Music: "Duo Sonata" by Sofia Gubaidulina (1977)

Performers: Aislinn Bailie and Bryce Richardson, bassoon

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: SlyPup Productions

bits of self, at once, in fragments (2021)

Created for Liminal Beings, a digital exhibition through the Socially Distant Artist Residency program

Creators & Performers: Akari Komura (sound editing) and Hannah Marcus (movement, text)


Staging Place (2020)

A live-feed performance project between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor aiming to protect the placeness of live performance while using a digital platform to amplify the analog and build connections between neighbors.



Interdisciplinary collaborators: Aislinn Bailie, Christine Darragh, Sheena Hui, Hannah Kirkpatrick, Akari Komura, Waylon Richmond, Karina Tirado

Made possible by a grant through Sonic Scenographies, a team challenge created by the Alfred A Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and ArtsEngine

Full Throttle (2020)

Created as a senior capstone solo during the beginnings of COVID-19

Choreography, Filming, Editing: Hannah Marcus

Music: Joey Fortino


Ann Arbor, MI

Supported in part by Arts at Michigan and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Meta Weiser EXCEL Fund

It All Made Sense 'Til We Dug To The Bottom (2020) 

Studio Compilation (development halted due to COVID-19)

Concept & Choreography: Hannah Marcus

Performers: Sally Butin, Olivia Johnson, Alana Packo, Ari Stadler, Ariel Vidrio

Sound & Scenic Design: Matias Vilaplana

Music: "Melancholia II" by William Basinski; "Always On My Mind" by Ane Brun

Betty Pease Studio Theater

Supported in part by Arts at Michigan and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Meta Weiser EXCEL Fund

Petrochemical Paradise (2020)

Produced as part of Electronic Chamber Music at UM

Choreography, Filming, Editing: Hannah Marcus

Music: Tessa Fornari, Maya Johnson, Christopher Walker

Ann Arbor, MI

Excerpts from The Very Thought of You (2019)

Produced as part of Triple Bill In My Basement

Creators & Performers: Hannah Marcus, Sofia Carbonara

Music: "The Very Thought of You" by Nat King Cole, edited by Sofia Carbonara

Ann Arbor, MI

Excerpts from Potassium Moscato (peach sorbate), 2018

Creators & Performers: Hannah Marcus, Sofia Carbonara, Celia van den Bogert, Florence Woo, Katrina Granger, Johanna Kepler

Betty Pease Studio Theater

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Pull to Prepare (2018)

Creators & Performers: Hannah Marcus, Sofia Carbonara, Celia van den Bogert

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall

Research for Synthetic Bodies (2018)

Interactive motion capture technology explored for Matias Vilaplana's Media Arts thesis project

Chip Davis Technology Studio

Excerpts from off frame (2019)

Creators & Performers: Hannah Marcus, Veera Vanhanen

Music: "Johnny And Luther" by The Boy Lucas

The Place, London


From a Few (2017)

Creators & Performers Hannah Marcus, Beynji Marshall III

University of Michigan Museum of Art

Photos by Mark Gjukich